Aluminum balustrades do not sweat in thermal insulation, are decorative, maintenance free. Does not require paint and has an unlimited life. It is a unique material in every climate which does not rust, does not decay. It is not affected by the sun's harmful rays, cold and seasonal changes.

3 times lighter than steel but more durable. It offers unique design options thanks to its easy shaping. It is an element that adds value to the structures both aesthetically and structurally. It is environmentally friendly and has the possibility of recycling.

Advantages of Aluminum Railing:

1. Increases the value of your buildings by providing aesthetics, visuality and long life to the usage areas such as stairs, balconies, terraces and pools.
2. The materials do not require any maintenance other than cleaning and thanks to their superior features such as providing years of trouble-free usage, they have become an integral and indispensable part of modern and smart buildings today.
3. Does not form rust and is corrosion resistant.
4. It increases the value of your structures by being robust and light.
5. Suitable solutions according to the atmosphere of each structure, provides ease of use and variety of applications. You can apply it in any way you want.
6. Can be used both indoors and outdoors easily. Does not overload the structures.
7. It is environmentally friendly with its recycling properties.



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