Discover a new material that combines the ease and durability of PVC with the natural appearance and temperature of the wood; Twinson! The building blocks of the design were recreated by Deceuninck. A brand new material that you can do unlimited application TWINSON! TWINSON offers all the advantages of wood with the unique features of PVC.

This new material, which is prepared by combining wood and PVC, changes the appearance and usage of your houses. The Twinson; It is a waterproof, durable and aesthetic material. Moreover, there are many different features. TWINSON, which can be used in indoor / outdoor places, floors, walls and modern / classical architectural designs, offers unlimited usage potential. Continuous and regularly developed research and development activities and new products are added to the application areas are increasing day by day.

Twinson has been producing in Belgium for over 40 years with the Deceuninck Group, which develops and manufactures profiles for the building industry. Twinson is a 100% recyclable product as well as an environmentally friendly alternative to wood. Wood can only be obtained from the rainforests and these forests are in danger of extinction. Twinson is a pine tree. Pine is derived from a fast growing tree and constantly renewed forests. The reason for choosing the pine tree as the raw material of Twinson is contributing to sustainable forest management.

Twinson combines nature and technology:

Twinson coatings are available in 8 natural colors, from almond beige to licorice brown. These colors are guaranteed to last for 25 years.

Usage areas:

• Twinson coatings are designed for indoor and outdoor use. The usage area is limited with imagination.

• On facades,

• Internal and external walls,

• In places,

• On the verandas,

• Around the pool,

• On the terraces,

• Garden paths.


• Twinson coatings are made of wood and PVC.

• Does not rust.
• Does not stain.
• Seaweed does not.
• Waterproof.
• It doesn't crack.
• Maintenance-free.
• Can be used double-sided. The surface with less grooved surface or darker, more corrugated and polished surface can be preferred. Thus, there is no need to choose a second color to create a good-looking mold effect and is used as a safety measure in sloping spaces.
• Easy to install Twinson coatings. It provides fast and easy installation with a special clamping system.



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